A Canadian company offers 400,000 BRL for a tasting of sweets

The dream job opens vacancies for tasting sweets also for people over 5 years old

It seems like a lie, but the dream job exists and the announcement of a Canadian company has aroused the interest and curiosity of many. The opportunity offers around R$400,000 just for tasting sweets. And the best thing is that the company is not so attentive to the profile of its employees, also opening vacancies for children.

The offer was posted by the company Candy Funhouse on the social network Linkedin and already has thousands of applications. According to the company’s general manager, Jamal Hejazi at CNN from the United States, entire families have already applied, offering to share their tasks.

The Chief Candy Officer can work from home, but must live in Toronto, Canada, or the Newark area in the US state of New Jersey, as reported by G1.

To receive the C$100,000, the employee will also be responsible for deciding what new items will be added to the catalog and leading the “candy council” meetings.

Prerequisites for the vacancy

In addition to being exhaustive as to the profile of the employees sought, including people over 5 years of age, the position does not require any prior experience. However, it is necessary that you do not have food allergies and that you still have ‘golden taste buds’.

The future Chief Candy Officer will taste about 3,500 candies per month and to compensate for this large amount of sugar ingested, the company is planning a dental health plan.

Applications run until the end of the month and Candy Funhouse is looking for applicants with creative minds and a love for sweets.

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