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Larissa Manoela’s parents withdrew 5 million reais from their daughter’s company while they were directors

A week after broadcasting an interview with nationally renowned Larissa Manoela, this Sunday’s Fantástico (20) presented new relationships following the actress’ breakup with her parents.

Larissa Manoela said she discovered in June this year, amid negotiations involving the companies she was still involved in with her parents, that she was no health insurance due to lack of payment: “I spent three months without health insurance. Without knowing it.”

Fantástico also spoke with Patrícia Proetti, the actress’s lawyer. According to Patrícia, nine properties are part of the two companies that Larissa owned in partnership with her parents and which she gave up. And another house purchased outside the country, in the name only of his father and mother.

When deciding to break up, the actress was left with just one of these properties.

“I have an apartment that I just sold to pay for the house I live in today. And to pay it off I had to take out a loan,” Larissa told journalist Renata Capucci.

However, When she went to the bank to apply for a mortgage, Larissa was refused., as Patrícia explained. “Because she had no banking activity. She had no banking history that could justify a property loan.”

Patricia also spoke about use of credit cards and when the actress had to ask to buy something. “After 18, she was given credit cards, sure, but she wasn’t allowed to use them. So much so that if she wanted to buy a shoe, she had to ask, (…) and his father would then authorize it and even say which card could buy.

The actress also said that she was prevented from entering any of the family properties, in the western area of ​​Rio de Janeiro. She was looking for products sent by brands with which she had a contract.

“I couldn’t get in. I didn’t even want to get into the apartment, but rather get out of the correspondence and things that were happening to my name. But my access was blocked.”

Fantástico contacted Silvana, Larissa’s mother, and the actress’s parents’ lawyer, but they did not want to record an interview or speak in writing to answer all the questions.

Last week, the note sent by the parents’ lawyer stated that “the information that she does not have access to money on a daily basis is false” and that she “has always had and used her credit cards “. […] with which he could always buy whatever he wanted.

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