Anitta shows she’s in love and gets in on the action with her boyfriend at a show

Anitta exchanged kisses before the pageant (Image: Reproduction/Instagram)

anita did a historic show last Sunday night (26). The singer was one of the main attractions of Rock in Rio Lisboa and talked a lot.

In addition to the performance to make any fan proud, the funkeira showed that she is completely in love.

Behind the scenes of the event, which held to honor the carioca was her boyfriend, DJ and producer Murda Beatz.

Before going on stage, on board a motorcycle taxi, Anitta tried to kiss her boyfriend. The record went viral on social media.

Check out this and more behind-the-scenes moments from Anitta at the event:

Anitta’s Boyfriend Takes Fault From Singer’s Uncle When He Meets The Whole Family

Anitta is more in love than ever with Murda Beatz. The artist traveled to Europe because of his new tour and ended up taking his whole family to Portugal, the only country people hadn’t been to yet. The singer’s boyfriend is also at the scene and was spooked by the situation.

Without speaking Portuguese, the producer went through some good times to chat with the artist’s uncles, cousins ​​and mother. But a very smart relative managed to make a switch with Murda and the singer’s boyfriend had a flaw like that. Not knowing the dollar exchange rate, the boy exchanged 20 Canadian dollars for 20 reais.

“Look at my uncle! Exchange twenty Canadian dollars for twenty reais! Look at this! He took it and said, ‘change twenty for twenty?’. And he believed! The blow is struck. » Anitta commented in the stories. “Now he only knows to say, ‘I have no money“, he joked.

She also spoke about the thrill of taking the whole family to Portugal on the Euro Tour. “Realize the dream of this family to come to Portugal! My mother has already come, but now the family has fulfilled the dream. When I brought my mom, I still didn’t have the money to bring all these people here, it’s so crowded», vibrated.

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