Canada is experiencing an “unprecedented” situation: there are more than 800 active fires


More than 10 million hectares have already burned this year due to forest fires in Canada. With more than 800 fires still active, nearly 600 are out of control.

The figures of fires in Canada are alarming and the scenario is considered “unprecedented”. The latest report shows more than 800 active fires, the vast majority of which continue to burn uncontrolled.

“Currently there are approximately 881 active fires and ten million hectares burned. We are seeing increased activity in Quebec and British Columbia. In Alberta, the situation is stable, but there is still some activity,” says Jennifer Kamau, of the Canadian Forest Fire Centre.

The country is firefighting since the beginning of May, in an “unprecedented” fire season. And the forecasts are far from encouraging.

“[Esta é] the worst season ever recorded in terms of hectares burned, probably since 1982,” underlines Jennifer Kamau.

In all nearly 1,400 firefighters from the United States, Mexico and the European continent fight forest fires in Canada. The arrival of additional international aid, already requested by the authorities, is expected in the coming days.

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