Canada, Norway and Switzerland argue that the rule of law must prevail in Mozambique

“The Canadian High Commission, the Norwegian Embassy and the Swiss Embassy call on all parties to continue their efforts to uphold human rights, the rule of law and election management bodies in ensure a transparent and fair electoral campaign process,” states a joint memo released today.

In the document, the three governments say they are “closely” monitoring the entire process, emphasizing the role of “peaceful, transparent and orderly” elections in a democratic system.

“Elections are the cornerstone of democracy. It is essential to ensure that they take place in a peaceful, transparent and orderly manner,” the document adds.

Mozambique’s sixth municipal elections took place on October 11 in 65 municipalities across the country, including 12 new municipalities that went to vote for the first time.

According to the intermediate departmental and provincial results published in recent days by the STAE for 50 local authorities, Frelimo won in 49 and the MDM in Beira.

In Maputo, some district courts annulled voting at some polling stations, alleging various irregularities, including falsification of notices.

In opposition to the process, Renamo, the country’s main opposition force, led marches to claim victory in various regions of the country, denouncing alleged “mega-fraud” during the vote.

Of the 65 municipalities, at least two had already annulled, by court decision, the vote in these municipalities due to alleged irregularities, namely Cuamba, in the province of Niassa, and Chokwé, in the province of Gaza, a decision described as historic in Mozambican elections.

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