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Last week, the album “Dawn FM”, released in January of this year, by Canadian singer The Weeknd, reached the mark of 44,000 copies sold in the United States alone, the vast majority on vinyl.

With that, the artist marked the biggest week of sales for an R&B album on vinyl since Luminate, formerly P-MRC Data – a music and entertainment data analytics company – began tracking. music sales in 2019. 1991.

The compilation returned to the top of Billboard’s album sales chart after its release on vinyl, cassette and box set, which took place on April 29. It should be noted that R&B albums are defined as those that reached Billboard’s Top R&B Albums chart.

Recalling that the first time the compilation reached No. 1 in the chart was on February 12, after the release of its CD setup.

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According to data from Illuminate, “Dawn FM” sold 44,000 of its copies, achieving a nearly 3% increase in sales, with 34,000 of that amount being vinyl.

Previously, the latest record was on the charts as of August 14, 2021, with American artist Prince’s “Welcome 2 America” ​​album, which sold over 22,000 copies in the first week alone, knowing its biggest week of vinyl sales. for an R&B album during the Luminate era.

The latest version of The Weeknd made its official debut on January 7 via streaming platforms. Then, three weeks later, on the 28th of the same month, the work was released in CD version, with several collector’s editions signed by the artist himself, and on April 29, it was the turn of the vinyl and cassette editions. and box. luxury arrives, further inflating the record.



Speaking a bit more about the rankings, Billboard’s Top Album Sales is responsible for ranking the best-selling albums of the week based solely on traditional album sales – mentioned above. This chart appeared on May 25, 1991, the first week Billboard began collecting all data and compiling pure album sales.

Other highlights that debuted in the Top 3 this week include: In second place, American country singer Miranda Lambert’s new studio album titled “Palomino” with over 24,000 copies sold – making it has the biggest sales week for an album country in 2022; and in third place, the album “Dave’s Picks Volume 42: Winterland, San Francisco, CA – 02/23/74” by the American rock band Grateful Dead, printed in 22 thousand copies,

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Last week (May 5), over 1.826 million records were sold in the US alone, which is pretty bad considering it’s down 21.4% from the previous week. Of this total amount, physical albums such as CDs, vinyls, cassettes – among others – amounted to approximately 1.42 million, a decrease of 26.9%. However, in contrast, digital sales reached nearly 410,000 copies, an increase of 5.8%.

With more precise figures, according to Billboard, that same week there were 669,000 albums sold, on CD, – with an increase of 8.6% – and 739,000 on vinyl, with a decrease of 43.8%.

Recall that one of “Dawn FM’s” biggest hit singles, “Out of Time” is part of the lineup here at Antena 1, in addition to being part of our 10+ requested ranking of the week. In fact, the song has already reached the top!


The song “Out Of Time” already has around 30 million views in its official video on the platform alone. Youtube. In her lyrics, she even presents The Weeknd with a nostalgic energy that, throughout the song, reflects how her own trauma has had an effect on her romantic relationships in her life.

However, the song itself states that it is too late to put things right and, although he still suffers from love, the singer turns out to be over everything he and his love partner have been through throughout. of their relationship, and even when they broke up. relationship.

Claiming that time is up, actor Jim Carrey’s voiceover at the end of the song sounds like an intention to bring him back.

Listen to “Out Of Time” in its entirety and discover the lyrics and the translation:

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