Don’t miss the chance to see one of the biggest metal bands in the world live: Sepultura announces the Quadra album tour on Brazilian soil

Brazilian metal fans have reason to rejoice: the band Sepultura will be touring Brazil in April, with concerts of their latest album, Quadra.

Released in 2020, the album received positive reviews and cemented the band’s position as one of the most important in Brazilian and global metal. With the shows returning after a period of hiatus due to the pandemic, fans will be able to experience the energy and intensity of Sepultura live.

Tickets are available now and promise to sell out quickly, with high demand expected from fans. In this article, we’ll learn more about Sepultura’s tour and what to expect from Quadra’s concerts on Brazilian soil.

In April, the group takes the stage to present the shows of the most recent album, released in 2020. Tickets are now available

fans of Severe already have dates planned to accompany the tour of the album Block, which resumes this year with trips to places like São Paulo, Santos, Belo Horizonte and Manaus. Released in 2020, the album is the motto of the performances that take place in April by the group formed by Andreas Kisser (guitar), Derrick Green (vocals), Paulo Xisto Jr. (bass) and Eloy Casagrande (drums). Tour ticket sales are now available (Full tickets and dates here).

the disc Block was inspired by the predecessor Machine Messiah, released in 2017, considered a different record in the history of Sepultura, with the use of unusual elements. Andreas points out that Block is the consequence of the growth of Sepultura as a group and that this album allowed them to explore new possibilities. “The A side is more traditional, thrash metal, which represents Sepultura’s speech, but with new elements; B is more percussive, with Brazilian rhythms; C goes a little further with the guitar, with the instrumental as the general characteristic; and the D is this more groovy, slow, melodic stuff,” he explains.

Recorded in Sweden, the album is produced, mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren, who had already participated in the Machine Messiah. “Working with Bogren is sensational and has been fundamental. The producer is the fifth member of the group inside the studio. He expanded the idea of ​​corals, ropes. It was a tough record to make, but we were prepared,” says Kisser. The main novelty was the participation of Emily Barreto, of the band Far From Alaska, who shares vocals with Derrick on the closing track.

The word “field” can be used with different connotations, among which is to define “sports field”, a delimited area with regulatory demarcations, where, according to a set of rules, the game takes place. “We all come from different backgrounds – countries and nations with their borders and traditions, their culture, their religions, their laws, their upbringing and a set of rules in which life unfolds. Our personalities, our beliefs, our way of life, the construction of societies and relationships… It all depends on this set of rules that we grew up with,” explains Kisser.

In August 2021, Sepultura releases the album Sepulwednesday, created from a weekly chart that the group promotes on its YouTube channel. The band had a date with the fans and brought special guests every Wednesday to chat and jam sessions virtual. In Sepulwednesdaythe group, which has been rolling for more than 35 years, revisited its classic repertoire, but also played songs that do not usually appear in setlists. All of this was done with special appearances from names like João Barone (Os Paralamas do Sucesso), Matt Heavy (Trivium) and Scott Ian (Anthrax), among others.

In 2022, the band toured extensively for Block in the United States and also in Europe. This year, Sepultura returns to these places, respectively, between May and June and, later, in August (details here).

Check the tour dates here:

April 8 – Arena Club Santos, Santos
April 12 – Arena da Amazonia (Vivaldo Lima), Manaus
April 20 – Mineirao, Belo Horizonte
April 25 – Santa Cruz Stadium, Ribeirão Preto
April 29 to 30 – Summer Breeze 2023, São Paulo
April 30 – Estancia Marisa (Bezerrão), Divinópolis

About Sepultura

Sepultura is a Brazilian metal band formed in 1984 in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. The band currently consists of founding members Andreas Kisser (guitar) and Paulo Jr. (bass), in addition to Eloy Casagrande (drums) and Derrick Green (vocals).

Sepultura’s sound is known for its mix of thrash, death and groove metal, with influences from indigenous music and Brazilian percussion. The group is considered one of the most influential and successful in Brazilian and global metal, having sold millions of albums around the world.

Among Sepultura’s most famous albums are “Beneath the Remains” (1989), “Arise” (1991), “Chaos AD” (1993) and “Roots” (1996). The group has also collaborated with several other artists, including Mike Patton, Jason Newsted and Les Tambours du Bronx.

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