Drones will assist firefighters during rescue operations on the coast

The Paraná Public Security Secretariat (SESP) began using new technologies this September 7 holiday to assist the actions of security forces on the coast. The Dji Matrice 300 rtk and DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise drones, from the Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCRC), will strengthen surveillance and identification of situations such as water rescue. It is expected that they will participate in actions on the coast during the summer of Greater Paraná.

“The Secretariat uses technology, combined with human labor, so that the people of Paraná can enjoy their free time without worry. With the drone, it is easier to identify emergency situations, such as drowning for example, and to react to them in a short period of time. explained the Secretary of Public Security, Hudson Leôncio Teixeira.

The DJI Matrice 300 rtk and DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise drones are equipped with thermal cameras capable of identifying human presence in any location, day or night. They are capable of transmitting images to any location in real time.

For Major of the 8th Fire Group, Douglas Martim Konflanz, the equipment proved effective during testing. “This activity, intended for water rescue and drowning, has proven to be effective. The drone has a thermal camera and we were able to carry out several simulations, locating possible victims of the sea, monitoring the presence of swimmers. said. “Locating the victim within the first hour is extremely important and the drone allows rapid monitoring and assistance from firefighters. »

The idea is that a fire department representative accompanies the team piloting the drone and receives information in real time. He can call a team or, if he is close to the scene, he can intervene to manage the incident. The aim is to remedy the situation as quickly as possible by guiding professionals across the sand, so that they can reach the exact rescue location.

“All these trainings are part of the preparation and planning of all the institutions that make up the Public Security Secretariat for better application of security forces during the summer,” said the coordinator of Verão Maior Paraná, Colonel Saulo de Tarso Sanson. “This is an effective one-off reinforcement for these holidays and which will also be used during the next holidays, in October and November, to assess and correct possible malfunctions.”

ICCRC coordinator Colonel Mário Henrique do Carmo also emphasizes that the drone helps where human personnel cannot be and helps security forces act quickly. “At first we used it during vacations to see the usefulness of the technology and how to use it in everyday life. We have carried out tests that will improve the use of drones during times of greatest movement on the state’s coast, including the season,” he said.

Recently, the State has also acquired, within the framework of the Falcão project, other five drones intended for open policing. They have a flight duration of approximately 40 minutes, night flight capability with a high definition thermal camera, 30x optical zoom capability and 200x digital zoom. They also have a loudspeaker and a projector to optimize their application in police requests. In addition, the project has four super-equipped aircraft for contribute to the work of police teams who are on earth.

From the NEA