Fire Canada: Driver captures frightening video on road surrounded by flames


The images were captured on a road in the city of Halifax, in eastern Canada. In broad daylight, the driver enters a frightening tunnel of black smoke and is surrounded by flames.

The eastern Canadian port city of Halifax has been in a state of emergency since Sunday evening (May 28) due to a major forest fire.

There are areas without electricity and several people have had to be evicted from their homes. Some roads were also affected and traffic was closed for safety reasons.

But the driver, who captured the images you can see in the video above, was caught in the flames and had no choice but to continue driving, even though visibility was almost zero due to black smoke.

Despite the fear, everything ended well. But this video arriving from across the Atlantic is reminiscent of the one that in July 2022 reporter Rui Tukayana, from TSF radio, captured in full A1.

Electric Nova Scotia Power temporarily closed energy in the affected area and telecommunications companies warn that Internet connections could be interrupted.

This month, the western province of Alberta declared a state of emergency after tens of thousands of people were forced from their homes due to unprecedented wildfires.

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