Hockey loses USA and Canada in men’s, sees Finland bronze in women’s at Beijing 2022

Favorites to Gold in Men’s Ice Hockey, United States and Canada won’t even be competing for medals at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics when they’re knocked out in the quarter-finals by Slovakia and Sweden, respectively. In the women’s tournament, the Finland overtook Switzerland and won the bronze medal.

Wednesday in Beijing also saw the Olympic double Choi Minjeong in the women’s 1500m, evidence that complemented short track speed skating at these Games; the American double in men’s slopestyle, with Alexander Room and Nicholas Goepper; and the gold of Qi Guangpu for the hostess of the People’s Republic of China in the men’s aerials in freestyle skiing.

Check out these and many other events that took place today in the day’s recap:

Farewell to the United States and Canada in hockey

The quarter-final round of men’s hockey, which took place all Wednesday, surprised the defeat of the United States to Slovakia 3-2, in a shootout._ The Americans led 2-1, but conceded a goal in the last minute, taking the game to the decisive penalty shootout. Cehlarik was the only one to score and secured his country in the semi-finals.

Slovakia is now facing the Finlandwho hit the Swiss by 5-1.

already the Canada fought, but fell before the Sweden 2-0, with the right to a goal in the last moments, while the Canadians played without a goalkeeper to try to equalize.

The Swedes will face ROCKwho exceeded the Denmark by 3-1. The semi-finals are scheduled for Friday, February 18.

Finland are bronze medalists in women’s hockey

In the bronze medal dispute in women’s hockey, the Finland beat the Swiss by 4-0. It was the fourth bronze medal for the Finns in the modality.

The decision of the tournament, another meeting between rivals United States and Canada, is scheduled for tomorrow at 12:10 p.m. Beijing time (1:10 a.m. ET) at the Wukesong Sports Center. Learn more about this game.

Gold and double championship for Choi Minjeong in short track

The last short track speed skating event was the 1500m, marked by the conquest of the double Olympic title in Choi Minjeongof the Republic of Korea.

The money went to Italian Arianna Fontanaand bronze for the Dutch Suzanne Schulting.

Two two in the United States in men’s slopestyle

The United States took the top two podium spots in the men’s freestyle slopestyle event, with Alexander Room win gold and Nicholas Goepper get the money.

Completed the podium the Swede Jesper Tjaderbronze medal.

the Frenchman wins the men’s slalom; The Brazilian does not finish and the Portuguese is 39th

Clement Noel ended a French rapid in alpine skiing by winning the men’s slalom, while silver took Johannes Strolzfrom Austria, and the bronze went to the Norwegian Sebastian Foss-Solevaag.

the brazilian Michael Macedo made a mistake on second down and did not finish it, while the Portuguese Ricardo Brancal finished 39th.

Gold for hosts in men’s ski jumps

In an event marked by risky jumps and a lot of technique, Qi Guangpu won gold in men’s aerials in freestyle skiing.

The athlete from the host People’s Republic of China edged out the Ukrainian Alexander Abramenkowho was trying to win the Olympic championship, and Ilya Burovof the ROC.

Sweden wins unprecedented gold medal in biathlon relay

commissioned by the sisters Hanna Oeberg and Elvira Oebergthe team of Sweden won the women’s 4×6 km biathlon relay for the first time, taking the lead nearing the end of the race.

O ROCK won the silver medal and the Germanywith bronze.

The Germans win the classic cross-team sprint; The Brazilians withdraw

In a test decided in the last moments, the Germany won the classic women’s cross-country team sprint competition. Catherine Hennig and Victoria Karl represented the country in the competition.

The money stayed with the Swedenhad Maja Dahlqvist and Jonna Sundling, It’s the ROCK ended up with the bronze by participating with Yulia Stupak and Natalia Neprayeva.

O Brazil was represented for the first time at the event with Jaqueline Mourao and Eduarda Ribera, but they didn’t complete the semi-final course as they took a lap from the leaders – which forced the pair to retire. The Brazilians finished in 23rd place.

Norway have twice been champions of the classic men’s cross country team sprint

the team of Norway defended the gold medal won in the men’s cross-country classic sprint team at PyeongChang 2018 on Wednesday, winning the race again.

Johannes Klaebo and Erik Valnes returned to the top spot on the podium in Beijing, beating the Finland in Iivo Niskanen and Joni Makithe money and the ROCK in Alexander Bolshunov and Alexander Terentevbronze.

After 12 years, Canada wins the 5000m short track relay

the team of Canada won the men’s 5000m short track relay again after 12 years, as the last time he had done so was in Vancouver in 2010.

THE Italy took the silver, and the bronze went to Republic of Korea.

Highest ranked in curling

In men’s curling, the Canada confirmed his place in the semi-finals alongside Britain and Sweden, who were already classified, without even having to play this Wednesday. The Brits and Swedes have seven wins and one loss, followed by the Canadians (5-3).

You United Statescurrent champions, appear fourth (4-4) and face the Denmark, ranking lantern (1-7). Since it has an advantage over ROCK – and ROC vs Canadians – one win is enough for captain’s team John Shuster go to the semi-finals.

in the female, Swiss and Sweden secured themselves in the semi-finals. The Swiss won Republic of Korea by 8-4, and the Swedes overcame the ROCK by 8-5.

Switzerland are in the lead, now with a 7-1 campaign, and Sweden are 6-2. O Japan won the UNITED STATES by 10-7 and is third (5-3). Fourth place is currently divided by Canada and Great Britain (4-4).

Tomorrow, the last round of the ranking phase will be played for both colors. The top four from each tournament advance to the semi-finals.

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