Is Taylor Swift snubbing Canada?

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Swift has no plans to visit Canada on her multicontinental tour

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It’s a good time to be a Swiftie. The 33-year-old singer is in the middle of her biggest stadium tour to date – with a three-hour, 40-song set spanning every era of her career. Since 2019, she has released four albums and completed two reissues, including her beloved 2010 album, Speak Now.

However, Taylor Swift’s Canadian fans aren’t so thrilled. The Eras tour, which began in March, includes more than 100 shows through summer 2024, in the United States, Mexico, Europe, Asia, Australia and Brazil. But, at least so far, Swift has no plans to perform in Canada. Has she forgotten the existence of the country?

This apparent snub inspired Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to personally appeal to Swift. After announcing 14 additional shows next year in the UK and Europe, Trudeau appeared in her Twitter responses asking her to reconsider the schedule.

“It’s me, hi,” Trudeau wrote, referencing Swift’s song Anti-Hero. “I know there are places in Canada that would love to have you. So don’t make it another cruel summer. We hope to see you soon.”

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