Marcelo in Canada: he did not read Cavaco’s book, ignored Durão Barroso and praised the government


In Canada, the President of the Republic preferred to highlight government measures to support mortgage loan holders. Cavaco Silva’s book and Durão Barroso’s statements do not concern Marcelo.

The President of the Republic refused on Saturday to comment on the idea defended by Durão Barroso according to which there is a need for a “right lung” in Portugal, emphasizing on the contrary the government’s measures to deal with interest rates.

According to Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, this government action “gives – yes – one lung, two lungs” even, because of its economic but also political effects.

The Head of State, who spoke to journalists in Toronto, during his official visit to Canada, did not want to make any comment on the launch of the book by former President of the Republic Cavaco Silva, “The First minister and the art of government”, presented Friday in Lisbon by former Prime Minister Durão Barroso – two former presidents of the PSD, like Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

“I have not read it and you know that, as a matter of principle, I do not comment. I am not going to comment on former presidents of the Republic and future presidents of the Republic,” replied Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. , considering that its orientation on this issue “is very peaceful and very civilized”.

Asked specifically about the idea defended by Durão Barroso according to which “the country is too unbalanced on the left” and that there is a lack of a “right-wing lung” in the public space in Portugal, the head of state declared:

“I’m not commenting. I’ll quickly tell you one thing: I have followed with interest, and with positive interest, the measures under study to try to mitigate the consequences of rising interest rates.”

“And I see with interest and as positive what is being thought of to find formulas so that, in the near future, this does not weigh on Portuguese families”, continued the President of the Republic, arguing that “this presents two advantages “, which can be compared to “two lungs”.

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