Megan Thee Stallion releases rock remix of song with Spiritbox

American rapper Megan Thee Stallion has formed a partnership with the Canadian group Spiritbox, one of the great revelations of recent years in the rock and metal segments. “Cobra (Rock Remix)” can be viewed below.

The collaboration took place through Roc Nation, a company founded by Jay-Z in 2008. Currently, the company manages both of their careers.

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Currently 28 years old, Megan Jovon Ruth Pete has made a name for herself through social media over the past decade. His first full-length album, “Good News,” was released in 2020 and reached No. 2 on the Billboard 200, the main album chart in the United States. It went on to win gold medals for more than half a million copies sold. Last year “Traumazine” was released, which reached 4th place in the same ranking.

About Spiritbox

Spiritbox was established in Victoria, Canada in 2016. The group gained notoriety on digital platforms with a series of singles and EPs released ahead of their debut album, “Eternal Blue” (2021).

The debut album reached top positions in several international charts, including the United States (13th), the United Kingdom (19th), Australia (8th) and Germany (17th). The work mixes metalcore and post-metal sounds with radio melodies and progressive influences. In recent weeks, the group’s new EP, “The fear of fear“.

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