Ryan David, ex-Rooster American Football, will play in a Canadian team – 18/05/2022

Galo FA will have a significant dip for the season. Linebacker Ryan David left the team after being selected to play for the Calgary Stampeder Football Club of Canada. This is the first time that a team from this country has chosen a Brazilian athlete to compose the team. The player recently participated in the Combine of the CFL (Canadian Football League) and caught the attention of the Canadians.

It will be the second international experience for the athlete who, before playing for Galo Futebol Americano, played at Udlap Astecaz College, Mexico, in 2018. But, despite being selected by the Calgary Stampeder, the player will have to stand out in train to earn a place in the team during the season.

“I’m going to go to rookie training camp and after training camp with the whole team. Now it’s about pushing myself, continuing to do what I’ve done my whole life to try to get a spot on the team after training camp,” he explains.

Ryan David emphasized the importance of Rooster American Football in his athletic development. “As for the training structure and the qualified people who have surpassed me and contributed in one way or another to my personal and professional development, I only have to thank you. I don’t I just want to thank Galo FA for everything he has given me over these years,” he said.

Despite the possibility of losing an athlete with huge potential, Galo Futebol Americano vice-president Eddie Aragão hailed the player’s significant achievement. Also according to the executive, this is a huge victory for sport in Brazil.

“We were very happy with Ryan’s achievement, we always knew his potential, a very dedicated athlete who reaps what he sows. Here at Galo FA we provide the best in training so that all athletes can achieve the best possible performance in technique, physical, psychological and nutritional part. Ryan has conquered something not only for himself, but for all FA athletes in Brazil. I am sure that many new players will admire him”, he points out.

American football career

Ryan began his history in the sport in 2016 playing for the BH Eagles team and the following year he was already a highlight of national football, elected as a revelation player in the BFA League (Brazilian league) and later called up to Brasil Onças, the Brazilian national football team. In Galo FA, the athlete won titles such as the Minas Gerais Championship and the Southeastern Conference.

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