The Android Auto update adds Zoom and brings many other new features!

Google is making some improvements to Android Auto. The company presented A host of new features in its latest update for Android Auto and Google-built cars, aimed at making your driving and parking experiences more convenient, safe and fun.

Android Auto and the latest update

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The new Android Auto update makes driving and parking more convenient, safer and more fun. Here are some of the features added in the new version:

Productivity on the move: One of the most notable new features is support for Cisco’s WebEx and Zoom, allowing audio-only participation in meetings while you’re on the go. This is a huge benefit for busy professionals who need to stay connected while on the go. It is also a welcome safety feature as it reduces the risk of distracted driving.

Parked entertainment: Prime Video is now available on Google Play for certain Renault, Polestar and Volvo cars, with plans to extend it to other brands. This means you can now watch your favorite TV shows and movies while waiting for the vehicle to load or for passengers to finish shopping.

Additionally, Vivaldi, a secure Chromium-based web browser, is now available on Google Play for in-car navigation. This allows you to surf the web safely while parked, maximizing your time.

Improved driving experience: The Weather Channel app is now available on Google Play for cars with Google built-in, providing real-time weather updates, hourly forecasts and radar information to keep you informed of weather conditions during your trip .

This is a valuable tool for avoiding traffic delays and road closures caused by severe weather. It can also help you plan your route accordingly, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey.

Image: Reproduction | Gizchina

Digital Car Key: Google is also expanding support for Digital Car Key, which lets you unlock, lock, and start your vehicle using your smartphone. This feature is now available for compatible Pixel and Samsung devices on select Hyundai, Genesis and Kia models in the United States, Canada and Korea. Google plans to collaborate with more automakers in the near future to expand support for digital car keys.

More updates

Overall, Google’s latest Android Auto updates are a significant step forward for the platform. They make driving and parking more convenient, safer and more fun, while providing valuable tools to enhance your driving experience.

Image: Reproduction | Gizchina

Google is committed to making Android Auto and cars with Google Built-in the best possible driving experience. These latest updates are a testament to that commitment, the possibilities are endless.

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