The giant iceberg impresses with its proximity to the province of Canada; see the pictures

Records of a giant iceberg near the coast of Newfoundland province in eastern Canada were impressive due to the ice block’s proximity to the coast. One of the videos posted by one of the former Twitter users has more than 12 million views.

The original post was made by a TikTok profile on July 13, recorded by one of the local residents. Thanks to the Newfoundland Iceber Reports group, which tracks the appearance of icebergs, more images of the ice floe have been shared. Although frightening, the appearance of ice blocks is common in the Canadian region.

As the group reported, the iceberg was first spotted in early July, when images began to emerge. Two days ago, a local resident said pieces of the ice block were still visible.

Broken pieces of Greenland’s glaciers, icebergs often migrate to Newfoundland. As reported by the National Academy of Sciences, glacier melting has increased fourfold compared to previous records, which could eventually pose a problem for the region.

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