‘The Lord of the Rings’ has a session with a live orchestra of 250 musicians in SP

With precise tones, right instruments and well-constructed chords, there is no doubt that the soundtrack to Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings saga, constructed by Canadian conductor Howard Shore, is one of of the greatest in cinema, in a way it is impossible to think in films without this musicality.

So, for fans of the saga and for those who want to know more about this mastery, the As Duas Torres movie concert is coming to São Paulo. Featuring approximately 250 musicians, including instrumentalists and backing vocals, the show will feature the soundtrack to the franchise’s second film live, in full, simultaneously with the production reproduction. The presentations take place this Saturday and Sunday 16 and 17 at the Ginásio do Ibirapuera. The concert was prepared by the Brazilian conductor Eduardo Pereira and will be given by Ben Phelps, American conductor representing Shore to conduct the score.

In total, it will be exactly three hours and 19 minutes of concert, during which the nearly 100 musicians and 150 choristers will take fans and participants to Middle-earth and will be able to immerse themselves in the second book of the Saga of the Ring. . , written by the British JRR Tolkien and immortalized in the cinema by the director Peter Jackson.

According to the show’s executive producer, Leo Rea Lé, the proposal is to attract both fans of the film and people who are not yet familiar with the work. According to him, the idea is also to take a trip to the era of silent cinema, where the music was played live.

“Even though it’s something old and traditional, the general public doesn’t know much about this language, so I see the show as a way to build an audience, because the response is overwhelming. [das pessoas]. There are people who go to music, others to history, others to both and some who know nothing about it”.

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