Wiz Khalifa Announces New Wellness Brand Focused On Mushrooms And Psychedelics

Wiz Khalifa is partnering with a Canadian company for the new project.

Wiz Khalifa has an exciting new venture, and it’s a perfect fit for him and his often trippy style: mushrooms and psychedelics. The 34-year-old is no stranger to the business as he launched the Khalifa Kush brand a few years ago and also created a virtual delivery-only restaurant called HotBox.

Khalifa partners with Canadian company Red Light Holland to create Mistercap, a wellness brand focused on mushrooms and psilocybin, a natural psychedelic. The CEO and director of Red Light Holland, Todd Shapiro, shared her excitement for the project in a statement. “We work with Wiz Khalifa and his team to collaborate and create a brand that embraces our beliefs for responsible access to natural psilocybin.

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“Khalifa is a global icon with enormous reach who is uniquely positioned to help us spread the word and end the stigma around psilocybin by focusing on mental health and wellness.” “When we launch the MISTERCAP products, including website, social media channels and merchandising, we plan to launch BIG TIME,” the CEO said.

“So stay tuned, because Wiz Khalifa x Red Light Holland together aren’t afraid to shake things up and make some much-needed useful noise. Together, we’re proving that mushrooms matter, the future and can be very sexy!

In related news, Wiz Khalifa revealed in May that he was banned from the Met Gala for smoking based on last year’s red carpet. “I don’t blame them, but the weed is damn cool.” When told by a fan that the Met Gala organizers would be “retiring soon,” Wiz said, “I don’t travel.”

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