A terminally ill grandmother explains why she chose euthanasia

Ali Tate Cutler has shared a series of videos on her social media that record what will be her grandmother’s final moments.

The model big size, who rose to fame as the first model of her kind to work for Victoria’s Secret, decided to record the reason her grandmother wants to end her life.

Bubbie, as she is lovingly treated, suffers from terminal cancer. Tate decided to visit him in Canada, where euthanasia is legal, and ask him a series of questions about his decision.

In a moving video, the granddaughter asks questions about the procedure, why she decided, how and where she would like to die and if she is scared.

Certain of her decision, Bubbie replies that she has always been responsible for the decisions she has made in her life, and that this is just one more. “I came into the world in silence and I want to leave in silence”, he says, specifying that he would like the intervention to be done in the hospital.

“I’m sure Grandpa is upstairs saying it was about time,” the elderly woman said, certain she would find her husband. Bubbie also adds that this decision is to avoid becoming dependent.

Although the day Bubbie will receive medical assistance in dying is uncertain, the granddaughter has returned home to Texas, USA, saying goodbye to her grandmother for the last time, writes Evie Magazine.

Euthanasia has been legal in Canada since 2016 under a program called Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID).

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