Facebook and Instagram block news broadcasts in Canada

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At the beginning of this year, the Canada began to debate like France It is Australia and regulate remuneration for publishing information on online platforms. Call from Bill C-18Or Online Information Actand this new legislation was recently approved by the Canadian parliament and has displeased several companies with profits in the billions of dollars, such as Aimwho began to block the dissemination of information on the Facebook It is Instagram in the country.

Meta does not want to pay for the distribution of information

As pointed out Reutersthe tech giant began prevent users from accessing news through their social networks Monday August 1st. According to the public policy manager of Aim In Canada, Rachel Curran, the company does not agree with this accusation because “news agencies voluntarily share content on Facebook and Instagram to expand their audience and improve their results”.

Curran points out that public interest in Aim It’s not about consuming information. It should be noted that the company Mark Zuckerberg threatened to stop providing information in June. At the time, we pointed out that she had already taken a similar action in Australiabut after negotiating changes to Australian law, the company reached an agreement to pay for content created by journalists.

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As Poynter points out, after the approval of the law in the Asian country 2021, companies such as Google It is Facebook has injected more than $140 million into Australian journalism in one year. This money was allocated to small and large vehicles and aims to strengthen quality journalism in the country.

A Reuters underlines that the Minister of Canadian Heritage, Pascale St-Onge, responsible for negotiations with businesses, declared that the measure taken by Aim is “irresponsible”. St-Onge says the company would rather “prevent its users from accessing good quality local news than pay its fair share to news organizations.”

The minister also emphasizes that the government will not end the Bill C-18because “if the government can’t defend Canadians against tech giants, who will?”

Via: Reuters, Poynter

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