Marcelo says the cleavage comment was due to the cold and “wasn’t sexist at all.”

President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa said Sunday that his comment about a young woman’s cleavage in Toronto’s Portuguese neighborhood was due to the cold and “wasn’t sexist at all.”

“It was not a sexist comment, it did not occur to me, neither for this young girl, nor for the old ladies. It was not sexist at all,” said the head of the State, in response to journalists, in Toronto. , during his official visit to Canada.

In a conversation with a young woman and her mother, Portuguese emigrants to Canada, in Montreal, Thursday, filmed by RTP, the President of the Republic commented: “The girl catches the flu again, did you see that, with the cleavage? “.

Asked today in Toronto by journalists about the criticism his comment aroused in Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa appeared surprised: “Don’t tell me. I don’t even know what to comment.”

The President of the Republic declared that “at the end of the walk in the Portuguese quarter of Montreal, it started to rain, it was cold”, and he warned against this “several elderly ladies, including one who ‘he carried by the arm, and others younger.’

“I told several people, but apparently only the young woman was filmed: be careful, because you still have a cold, I do,” he added.

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