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Easter is a time for reflection and also for exchanging gifts, such as chocolate eggs and candies. Some might think giving a real rabbit is a great option, but it’s not.

Veterinarian Nailson Carvalho, president of the Commission for the Environment, Environmental Disasters and Wild Animals of the Regional Council of Veterinary Medicine of Rio Grande do Norte (CRMV-RN), warns that before buying a rabbit you must consult a veterinarian. that he can explain what it means to have this animal at home and the necessary care.

“Assessing whether you have the space and time structure to accommodate a pet is essential for future guardians. After all, it lives for more than ten years when properly cared for,” he says.

In addition to the need for a life outside the cages, to avoid joint problems, rabbits need space to run, play and shelter so they can withdraw and rest when they want, explains the veterinary.

Feeding is another subject that deserves attention, because a rabbit does not live on food alone. According to Nailson, balanced meals, containing foliage with stems, fruits and vegetables should be part of the diet, which should be determined with the advice of a veterinarian.

“Because they have specific needs and families are not aware of them before acquiring the animal, many guardians end up neglecting the care, some animals suffer mistreatment and, worse, are abandoned, which which constitutes a crime, provided for by Federal Law No. 9.605. /98 (Environmental Crimes Act),” Nailson laments.

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